Study Permissions and Information


Selecting Applications to Observe

Upon joining the study, you will be presented with a list of apps we can view the actions of (e.g. artist and title). This means if there are any apps you don’t want us to see, you can simply uncheck them, and our app can then no longer see the details of the media playing through the unchecked application. To allow us to gain an accurate understanding of your listening behaviour, please do not disable the applications you commonly use.

Before joining the study, you will be prompted to accept a series of permissions – these must be accepted for participation in the study, and their uses are detailed below.

Notification Access

This permission lets us see if any of your selected apps are playing music. From this we can also get details about the track such as the artist and title. If you have chosen to not be contacted, this information cannot be linked to your identity.

Usage Access

This permission is used to look at the name (and only the name) of the current app open in the foreground.

Record Audio

Only the peak loudness of the output audio is available to our app, and hence we cannot reconstruct the content of the media you are listening to through this mechanism, however we can use track listings to determine this content.

Internet Access

We only upload your listening data when connected to WiFi, so there won’t be any unexpected data usage.

Researchers Involved

Dr Mark Weal (ECS)

Dr Mark Fletcher (ISVR)

Dr Joseph Sollini (UCL Ear Institute)

James Adams (ECS)

Ergo Number: 30471